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SAVE International has been working locally with groups in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan to protect the habitat of the endangered black-faced spoonbill.

In SAVE’s early years, our work was primarily focussed on protecting the most important wintering habitat — the Tseng-wen Estuary in Taiwan — from industrial development proposals, but we have extended our efforts. SAVE is now also working actively in Korea to save important breeding (summer) habitat and in Japan, China, and other parts of Taiwan to save additional wintering and migration-stopover habitat.

Follow the links below to find out more about our current campaigns.

Baekryeong (Baengyeong) Island (Korea)

Conflict of Greens

Fukuoka and Island City (Japan)

Hwaseong Wetlands (Korea)

Jiading (Qieding) and Yong-An Wetlands (Taiwan)

Protecting the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area (Taiwan)

Solar Power in Taiwan

Song Do Tidal Flats (South Korea)

Tidal Power in South Korea

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