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“Spike in Birdwatching is a Conservation Boon” by Fiona Cundy, Randy Hester, and Marcia McNally, Earth Island Journal, Spring 2021
“嘉義縣布袋鎮新岑國小與美國奧克蘭Grass Valley小學締結姊妹校” UUTW, May 6, 2012 [Mandarin Chinese only]
“守護生態 台美兩小學締盟” 中華日報, May 5, 2012 [Mandarin Chinese only]
“South Korea’s Plans for Tidal Power: When a ‘Green’ Solution Creates More Problems” by Yekang Ko and Derek K. Schubert, Nautilus, November 29, 2011
“‘Green’ New Deal Projects Threaten Korea’s Rivers and Tidal Flats” by Yekang Ko and Derek K. Schubert, World Rivers Review (a publication of International Rivers), September 2011
“A Conflict of Greens: Green Growth vs. Habitat Preservation – The Case of Incheon, South Korea” by Yekang Ko, Derek K. Schubert, and Randolph T. Hester, Environment, May-June 2011
“Songdo Global Campus Project Stalls” The Korea Times, Dec 21, 2010
“Foreign universities to open at Incheon FEZ in 2011” The Korea Herald, Dec 17, 2010
“Western Schools Sprout in South Korea” The New York Times, Aug 23, 2010
“South Korea’s Four Rivers Dam Construction Rolls Over Opposition” Environmental News Service, Aug 16, 2010
“Big property projects being folded” The Korea Herald, Aug 13, 2010
“Reprioritize FEZ districts” JoongAng Daily, Aug 9, 2010
“Failed Free Economic Zones” Dong-A Ilbo, Aug 8, 2010
“Chadwick drawing international students” The Korea Times, Aug 6, 2010
“GMU could open campus in South Korea” Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jul 29, 2010
“South Korea’s Ambitious Global Campus Is Off to a Shaky Start” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jul 6, 2010

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