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SAVE International is a sponsored project of Earth Island Institute.

Our mission:
To protect the critically endangered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) and its habitat throughout its flyway by promoting alternative economic development and long-term sustainability of the ecosystems and local communities.

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Recent Activities:

  • Another guest author has provided an update for the SAVE Blog: Mayu from Team SPOON in Japan, who is visiting Taiwan for several months and helped count the local Black-faced Spoonbills and other birds in two censuses in January 2021.
  • We had a guest author for the SAVE Blog: a US Army helicopter pilot who has been stationed in South Korea since 2015 and is also an avid bird-watcher. In 2019, he wrote about the Hwaseong Wetlands, which provide a stopover home to tens of thousands of migratory birds each year, including the Black-faced Spoonbill and other endangered species.
  • Our colleagues in Taiwan have produced a compelling 9-minute video about Taiwan’s “conflict of greens”, unfolding in the wetlands of the southwestern coast, where the government is building industrial-scale solar farms on former saltpans and fishponds, despite scientific evidence that these places support internationally important populations of Black-faced Spoonbills and other species, and support traditional fishing jobs.

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