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SAVE International is a project of Earth Island Institute.

Our mission:
To protect the critically endangered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) and its habitat throughout its flyway by promoting alternative economic development and long-term sustainability of the ecosystems and local communities.

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Recent Activities:

  • Our work on Hwaseong Wetlands, Korea, has advanced with the release of a draft report, “A Vision for Hwaseong Wetlands World Heritage Site: Final Report of Research and Plan Proposals (August 30, 2022)” which is available for download by clicking on the title.  We are working on the detailed final report and intend to release it later in the fall. For more info on this internationally important site, check out our Hwaseong campaign page.
  • Our Winter 2022 newsletter is out! Check out the latest issue of Spoonbills Speak. You can also download past issues from our Spoonbills Speak page.
  • The Spring 2021 issue of Earth Island Journal featured an article by SAVE Executive Committee members Fiona Cundy, Randy Hester, and Marcia McNally: “Spike in Birdwatching is a Conservation Boon”.
  • Another guest author has provided an update for the SAVE Blog: Mayu from Team SPOON in Japan, who is visiting Taiwan for several months and helped count the local Black-faced Spoonbills and other birds in two censuses in January 2021.
  • We had a guest author for the SAVE Blog: a US Army helicopter pilot who has been stationed in South Korea since 2015 and is also an avid bird-watcher. In 2019, he wrote about the Hwaseong Wetlands, which provide a stopover home to tens of thousands of migratory birds each year, including the Black-faced Spoonbill and other endangered species.
  • Our colleagues in Taiwan have produced a compelling 9-minute video about Taiwan’s “conflict of greens”, unfolding in the wetlands of the southwestern coast, where the government is building industrial-scale solar farms on former saltpans and fishponds, despite scientific evidence that these places support internationally important populations of Black-faced Spoonbills and other species, and support traditional fishing jobs.


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