Gathering momentum against Road 1-4 through the Jiading Wetland

A public hearing called by City Councilman Chang was held today to discuss Road 1-4. Also in attendance was City Councilman Huang. At the end, councilor Chang summarized the meeting in three points:

  1. The consensus of all present at the meeting was that the government should not build the road through the wetland in order to protect BFS; however, most are willing to accept alternatives.
  2. Jiading area has a lot of problems surrounding unreasonable urban planning. This area needs a holistic overview of master plan and urban plan.
  3. The two city councilors present will keep a watchful eye on the budget on Road 1-4 which may give them additional grounds to boycott the road.

While there was no voting or critical decision, today’s key points will be reported word by word to the city government.

We are so very close. The EIA Committee is meeting this Thursday, July 17th to discuss the road.  Let’s hope the committee members keep an open mind and listen to the extensive research and the voice of the people.

IMG_9695 IMG_9689

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